Me oh my, its a Pie in the Sky!

I went to Toronto this weekend and fell in love with Kensington Market!  Inside this gem of a place i stumbled into a couple shops i would conclude to be reason enough to venture back to this city! One being 

Wanda's Pie shop  (287 Augusta Ave)
(serves the best mini Key Lime Pie! )

OH MAN ... I told myself i wasnt allowed a pies because i was just about to go to brunch with the gang... so i got an americano instead... it was way less appealing to the pie!  But feast your eyes on them and just admire the self restrain i have! Well done me! haha I am actually 3 days later thinking about them... and Ilonas amazing pies. (My fathes wife who makes amazing peach pie when in season).  She will be introduced soon!  It is getting warm out and i think the berries are almost out!  :) can you fedex a warm pie from Gambier to Montreal...?  

Sunday Suppers

Maxine thanks to you I can longer have a social life because i look at this blog on constant repeat for hours on end!  cup of joe is taking over my life!  I recently saw this ultra cool sunday supper club post.  This is a culinary experience avec Brooklyn!  What they do is invite a celebrated chef to come in an teach a culinary class to local folks.  They make an amazing meal, enjoy it all together and then at the end they leave with a booklet of the recipes and a little treat like... Frankies Olive Oil or... Ginger Syrup.  Sometimes its sponsored my local eateries!  Talk about a great concept!... and beautiful images!  What do you think about the world of Food Photography?  I can almost dive into the olive oil it looks so good!


In Mint condition!

Stolen.... I totally went for brunch at Cafe Gritane and ordered the Fruit Salad.  Head over heals in love with the mint in it i rushed home and made it!  I added blueberries and sunflower seeds!  LOVE MINT!  Its like the perfect breakfast!  

ps... I love you cookies!

I was having a gray day and stuff was just getting to me...SO i made these sugar cookies! I find the best way to destress is to cook or bake!  It just feels so satisfying!  I called these ps i love you and the idea is when you eat one you have to tell yourself something you really love about being you!  It makes them taste way better and how can you have a bad day!  Its important to hug and love yourself and eat cookies every once in a while!  ps.. I love you for being you!

Oh you'll do just fine!

So, my main weakness in life is chocolate! The darker the better.  This was steamed from the fact that dear Momsy opened a shop devoted to only the best chocolate from around the world.  Needless to say my after school special was hanging out in the shop learning about Debauve and Gallais,  frans, thomashaas (sparkle cookies) and other chocolatiers specialties.  Suite 88 is a chocolate shop on St.Denis in Montreal I have discovered fills the need perfectly!  They have an amazing variety of yummy chocolate bon bons, truffles and a really great drinking chocolate with orange zest! 


Well done MAX!

We're all a bit Loopy!

Yum! This is the best combo for a tasty treat!  Frozen Yogurt with Fruit Loops!



I love brunch!  I think its just the best part of the day, especially when you can hang with a good friend.  I went with Max to a really cute place in the lower east side called Bread.  Our initial plan of am attack was to hit Cafe Gitane (pretty much because of the orange blossom waffles!) , however upon arrival we noticed we were far from the only people with this Sunday morning craving.   But because Nolita is notorious for all things grand we quickly found a replacements... or a temporary fix to fill the waffle void, Bread.  Bread is a super Mediterranean/italian Cafe with an amazing cappuccino!  Max ordered the Salmon Benny, yum!  Going back for that... and fingers crossed to sit outside on the ultra hip patterned sofas.

20 spring street (Elizbeth & Mott)

Sunday with Sofia

This weekend i took a mini trip to Manhattan for some sister bonding, or as i like to think of it as my escape from Montreal.  While i was there Max kindly invited me to hang with her at her bosses place in the Upper Eastside... needless to say i was more then thrilled.   Upon stepping foot into their space I fell instantly in love with their fun loving personalities & amazing decor.   These gals have the best eye for design, visualize anthropology twisted with the chelsea antique market. Loved it... and on top of the it all we drank this super yummy champagne (Sofia) with Rosemary!  What a great combo!  I was giddy the entire trip! New York City, I think I'm in love with you! 

The bubbly was made by francis ford coppola for his daughter Sofia.   

Gourmet, but easy Yogurt and Granola
Nothing beats yogurt, honey and homemade granola in the morning! I like to choose 3 different kinds of oats, Kamut flakes, Rye Flakes, and Oat flakes with a toss of flax seeds added. Then I add cranberries, apricots, walnuts,  and mix it all togethers.  What happens next is simple, but has a few steps: I add one cup of honey, and 2 tables spoons of olive oil to a sauce pan and heat until smooth and liquid like. I pour over the dry stuff, mix and then transfer to a parchment covered cookie tray. Then I bake at 250 for 10 min or until all sides are golden brown. I open the oven lots and flip, turn, and toss to make sure the whole batch is cooked to perfection. Then let sit (i eat some while its warm) and enjoy!


One of the best party dishes to bring, is vodka or 
Champagne Soaked Watermelon.
 It's very easy, lovely when frozen and  basically guarantees you to be the hit of the party! 

Our twist on this party classic:
1 large watermelon
1 bottle of vodka (we will leave the amount up to you)
1 bunch of fresh mint

What you do, is cut the top of the watermelon off, so its "lid" is off!
Pour vodka or champagne, whatever you prefer, into the watermelon, and let soak overnight.
When at party, take a wooden spoon, and mash up the insides, so that is becomes a slushy type dessert, put cute plastic cups beside with a ladle, and fresh mint as a garnish! 




Being away from home is never easy but knowing that you have people, in my case Nanny who will write you post cards makes it much easier.  Every couple of days i get a lovely update letter through the mail slot.  These letters always seem to be covered in a medley of cat stickers and cursive scribble from my lovely Nanny! She is a remarkable woman who i has always cooked amazing meals for odd balls and nuts aka my family!  One never leaves her home without feeling stuffed and well fed!  Wether its setting sail to summer camp with a egg salad sandwich and some carrot sticks, or a full fledged feast for easter (including a bunny cake with licorice whiskers)  Nanny makes sure you have a home cooked meal!  Being vegetarian... one must treat lightly upon the announcement of a roast chicken, but all and all she is by far the best cook!  This week i have been thinking about her alot and missing her very much.  I thought i would introduce her to the blog because she is by far worthy of my praise and thoughts in the cooking world!  Jo, Nanny and Max in this picture are sitting outside in her garden.  I think we were heading to the fireworks in Kits that evening. xo Taylor

Pineapple Upside down cake

With the airlines having bag restrictions i was unable to bring all my cook books with me to Montreal! So i have been requesting recipes from my Nanny!  This week she sent me my favorite cake recipe; Pineapple Upside Down Cake!  Mom made this one time and it was so good!  This was Nanny's Dad's favourite desert!  I will make her proud by making this cake and bringing it to Maxine in New York.  

--- Pineapple Upside Down Cake -----

Butter                            3 tbsp. (50ml)
Brown Sugar                1/2 cup
Pineapple Rings          19 oz (540ml)

Butter                            1/3 cup 
Granulated sugar         3/4 cup
Egg                                 1
All purpose flour         1 1/2 cups
Baking powder            2 tsp
Salt                                1/4 tsp
Milk                               2/3 cup
Vanilla                          1 tsp 

Melt butter ina 9x9 inch pan.  Stir in brown sugar arrange pineapple rings over top.  
Measure next 8 ingredients into a mixing bowl.  Beat on low speed to combine.  Beat on Medium speed for 2 minutes.  Batter will be thick.  Spoon over pineapple.  bake in 350' F oven for 40-50 minutes.  INver onto plate or small tray.  Remove pan. Cool. Serve with whipped cream or just cream. serves 9.  You can also use peaches instead of the pineapple... or sour cherriers!  

* You can use a white cake mix if your don't have all the ingredients.. flour, sugar etc. There weren't any mixes in the stores when this was popular.  love Nanny.


The Sparrow

5322 Saint-Laurent Blvd, Montreal

... I hear the chocolate custard doughnuts are amazing! They sound dangerously good!  Yelp comments on it being busy but brilliant!


Peoples Pops!

  Peoples Pops just opened a location at the Chelsea Market !  THey have super yummy flavours like.. Spiced Rhubarb, Blackberry & Lemon Verbena, and Plum, yogurt & tarragon! Yum! 

hey chickies!

Have a eggsalent day! images from my new fav blog!



Yummy yummy! Katie made cupcakes for the Jakubkes!

Imagine a Pinot with a Portugese accent

Loved that evening at Bonetas!  Such fun... not to mention that brilliant meal of Lemon, sage, capers and pepper!  xo


Odd name for a cookie but they look yummy! ps. Im on a cookie splurge (sos)


hello boys!

Dear Mast Brothers, Why don't you ship? xox taylor

A Taste of Yellow! May 16th

A TASTE OF YELLOW is your chance to participate in LIVESTRONG Day by doing what food bloggers do best - bake!  "I'm asking all bloggers to participate in the blog event  A TASTE OF YELLOW by making a dish containing some type of yellow food. This  can be anything you like as long it features a yellow food. Some ideas to get you started are lemon, banana, saffron, corn, eggs, cheese." -  Barbra

when life gives you lemons... MAKE LIMONCELLO

The other day i received an email from my Dad, giving me a quick briefing on his European travel itinerary.  Sending me pictures and reciting how pleasant it is be on the Amalfi Coast, drinking limencello and taking life slow!   Cheers Dad!  xox taylor

Our girl Giaada De Laurentiis makes an authentic recipe!  ChinChin

Roasted Chicken and Balsamic Reduction Yams
(all you really need is a bit of love and "ONE BIG-BOY of a CHICKEN" says Nina)
1 large chicken
3-4 sprigs of lovely Rosemary
Lots of Garlic (we rubbed it all over our new boyfriend ;)
2 Table Spoons of Dijion mustard (rubbed on...we shall call him..Charlie!)
Herbs du Provance (now that you have moved on from first base, pat that hubby down with it)
2-3 Carrots (stuffed on the sides of him, don't want him running away from our heat! Girls call this "the spark")
Salt and Pepper (he is already sweet enough)

Bake 20-45min depending on the size at 350


Balsamic reduction yams...

2 Large Yams (cut in the medium size bits)
1 large onion (cut into small size bits)
SPLASH on some Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar 
SPRINKLE on some Salt and Pepper
DASH on some garlic and...WHOOOSH! Your done (well, you gotta put it in the oven "WHAT ARE YOU STUPID!" and thennnn your done! we say about 20min but don't touch them, you want them to get golden, soft and a but crunchy!)



Max and Guest Blogger Nina

PS. White wine goes LOVELY with this hah, actually!

crunchy raw beetroot salad with feta and pear

Oh Jamie!

Fairmont Bagels

Book Club!

The gals from num num recommended this book!  And it sounds great! Its considered in a  new genre of literature: food as therapy!  This goes into a memoir of "how 8 cooks saved my life" kinda vibe!

Strawberry Dumplings

So upon my move to Montreal i have discovered how cheap the strawberries are. In search of a recipe to make with this bountiful of berry goodness i stumbled across this! enjoy! xo taylor