Max and I are still in New York City and among many things on the list of  'must do before leaving new york' breakfast at Peel was a must!  We had walked by this joint one to many times so we had to finally settle the rumours of it being the best!... and it was!  Super cute atmosphere!  I had the pancakes (slight weakness) and max had the Spinach omelet! Superb!   The pancakes came with real maple goodness and were hands down the best pancakes i've ever had! Fluffy and had that wicked crunchy top and bonus they came with bananas flambee!  Fuck im in heaven! ... this city is just to good!  The all-day menu offers egg dishes like omlettes, a “build-a-biscuit” program, and blueberry-and-corn shortcake, plus soda-fountain drinks and Stumptown coffee (damn good coffee!)