when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

antipasti e insalate

left: bianca top: funghi bottom: margerita

The other evening we went for a family dinner outing to this brilliant new pizzeria.  After much overheard chit chat about Nicli Antica Pizzeria seeked and found!  The space was a convered house stable from the early days and the architect took that to note bringing back the arches and brick.  I loved how clean and open the space was, it felt inviting and pleasant.  With modern statements, there was recognition and focus on the simple things that matter and was later very apparent when our pizza pies arrived.  The hostess was very charming and told us that the pizza sauce is hand crushed so not to loose the acidic bitterness from the seeds and once placed in the specially designed wood burning oven they only take 90 seconds to cook, mind you that oven is 900 degrees.  This is authenic Neapolitan pizza with flour and san marzano tomatoes there are no short cuts here.  I had a great time breaking apart the pizza and diving into the mozzerella like no other (my dads eyes lit up).  The meal was... speechless! bravo!  

slickety Jims: REOPEN

Chat n Chew! Max and I went for brunch the other day at the greatly anticipated new Slickety Jims.  About a year ago this place had the horrible misfortune of a fire that took the restaurant with it.  A hub for local Main street patrons this spot was known for there breakfast and wicked vintage decor! Well.... its back and better then ever!  Charming, friendly and still that 45minute wait! haha Max ordered this amazing omlette with gorgonzola cheese and mushrooms and for myself, i had the pigs in a blanket with veggie sausage!  We sat at the bar and shared our ketchup.  I love this place because its a community, a common ground and a frickin fantastic place for brunch!  

As an early bird I often find myself woken by the sun at some odd hour and so while the rest of the world is beginning to wake up and stretch I dive into my blogs.  This morning I was craving berries! So along with my blueberries and plain yogurt I delved into my favourite food blog What Kate Ate.   Here is a stellar food photographer who captures the rustic textures of food and adds a depth to them... for example the cheese!  She's inspiring!  I really enjoy reading up and seeing the beauty of food photography through other peoples blogs, I just have to dive in and begin shooting my own shots!.. however my berries were a bit boring in comparison to this!


Whimsy and Spice 

Damn... another reason to be missing New York City! I might aswell officially change my blog to Don't Tempt Me... a blog about a girl wanting what she cant have!  I feel like New York to me is like some one with siliac disorder.   You want the bread... but you just can't have it.   As a Canadian ... i've never been overly compelled to get a greencard for the soul purpose to become an american. BUt then Whimsy and Spice, Mast Brothers and... Vogues come into the picture and I get weak and long for living in that half of North America... BUT CAN'T!  Bloody visas...  Anywho I live for my Christmas Bonus and the cheap seat sales so I can once again visit the city my heart longs for.  I mean wouldn't you if you saw these!!! haha However to be honest.... these are just one reason why i want to be there, the other details are left in central park, Bryant park and lay over the brooklyn bridge!