yum yum yum!

Hey there sistah, I thought i'd give you a little low down on the glory of my new best friend, Nutritional yeast!  This amazing deactivated yeast is an awesome source of protein and vitamins, especially the B complex! Super yummy on Popcorn... kinda has a parmesan flavour! Anywho this stuff is super good for you and i highly suggest you bop to wholefoods and grab a bag!  Yum!  

no need to be in a slum when you can make a Slump!

I am gushing over the my new locations many ammenities what include a whole street filled of amazing produce stands with local organic produce.  I was eyeing the mound of peachs as i bopped home and day dreamed for a bit about what one could do with basket of brilliant peaches!  This wonderful blog  A Sweet Spoonful informed me of a Slump!  Easy, tasty and perfect for a midsummers night desert.  Its done in a large pan on low heat so no need to preheat the oven and heat up the house... its already hot enough with this heat in the east!  Yum!


Marion Cunningham’s Raised Waffles

I am head over heels in love with this blog, Orangette .   After reading about these waffles in Spoon Fed I saw a posting with the recipe, I just had to inform you of this!   These honesty sound like the perfect waffles and I intend to taste them for myself.... give or take swim suit season ha!


Granville Island

Located under a bridge lies my favorite place in the city, Granville Island.  Home to hundreds of local ventures of produce stands, fish mongers, chocolatiers, honey makers, spice experts and just the most amazing flower stand you'll lay eyes on! ... not to mention JJ Bean coffee shop YUM! I love spending an afternoon getting groceries and watching the local performers play guitar as pigeons and seagulls dance around aimlessly hoping someone will drop a couple french fries! Its a great place to just enough being in Vancouver rain or shine!


So montreal doesn't have good sushi! Its just known for other things, no biggy but when in Vancouver....Sushi is a must!   I for pone love brown rice sushi and in a city where there are more sushi bars then coffee shops you're bound to find one in close proximity!   Mom and I had a fun night relaxing and being pampered at the Sheraton Wall centre hotel and thought best to eat sushi! So on an adventure to located the best brown rice sushi place i found it!  Okada Sushi !  Fresh wild fish and organic hearty miso soup! Yum!  I honestly dont know why one would eat white rice... when brown rice is just so much better! 

brunch with the babes!

Its been far tooo long!  This brunch was over due and I was in need of some bonding time with my lovely friends! So Sarah of course knew the place to go... The Nice Cafe!  This darling little cafe is just simply put, nice!  Basic breakfast/lunch and wonderful staff!  I wanted to get the bunny pancakes but they said the pancakes were out of commission for a couple days ... however waffles would be an appropriate substitution. SOld!  I think brunch should happen on a regular basis and be plentiful with good conversation and lots of scrambled eggs! 

I recently went home to Vancouver for a brief mini visit!  Somethings about a city never change and I made sure to visit the loved and adored spots that make this city just so beautiful and wonderful!   I was very fortunate enough to have a golden 5 days in the city.  Sunny sky's presented the perfect opportunity for a t-shirt and a revisit to my favorite nooks!  

First up was the beloved coffee shop where i used to work at called Mink.  This is a must if your ever visiting Vancouver because you will become hooked on the chocolate ganache that is made fresh every day and just the next best thing!  Do to the fact i just had my appendix removed and the doc says no tea or coffee for a decent about of time I thought well... he never said anything about chocolate.  So I got the frozen hot chocolate and enjoyed the picturesque mountains and enjoyed a perfect start to the day!  Hello Vancouver! 


Heres the scoop!

Totally needing to be here right now! Im in Montreal and just thinking about going on a New York adventure with Max and eating ice cream at THIS place!  Yum yum!  I could live off ice cream! Sundaes and cones all a girl needs!

moving day calls for cornbread!

June 1st and Im out!  The last couple of days I have been back into nesting mode as I make claim on a new home, yet again! This place is wonderful and i am so thrilled with the diverse roomies I have just accumulated!  Awesome!  So after pack, pack, repack, move, unpack, sort, hang, arrange and a mattress/boxspring thrown in for fun the process has ended and I have a home! After a long day of the madness the is Moving day i thought best to take myself to dinner!  A dinner at Aux Vivres was long over due and I was craving some vegan cornbread!  THis place is amazing and you just cant help but feel good when one sits down at a booth! All vegan, all good, all yummy!  I ordered the Carrot Ginger soup with warm cornbread! Yum! What a perfect treat after a long day!