bargain buy!

So it was my night to cook dinner and i took full advantage of my new $2 garage sale find the Moosewood cookbook!  The house has a basket of veggies that comes once a month and this month we got a giant zuccinni so i thought how perfect would that be in lasagnia!  I did a couple cheap tricks such as cottage cheese instead of ricotta and parmesan cheese was swapped with nutritional yeast!  YUM!  It was a hit and there was still loads left over!  


Blackberry smash, yes Ma'am!

How delightful is this! Served after a long week over a handful of ice and a couple yummy blackberrys! I'll take one! Im so craving cocktails! check out the recipe!


lets go Bananas!

Perfect! I just made some Banana bread from a great recipie off of the Blog A Sweet Spoon Ful!  Perfect! I added some walnuts and big hunks of chocolate! It'll be perfect for breakfast with some earl grey tea and sunshine! WHat a great end to a long week!

How perfect is this kitchen nook!  Super practical and cleverly placed kitchen things!  (notice the pots and pans!), old radio on the upper shelf is to die for and the bread box!  This is just great!