Peggy Porschen Cakes

This whole cupcake trend was getting a bit much, it's almost like on every street corner where you could find a starbucks there is a cupcake shop!  But there is an exception and a place worth idolizing and that is Peggy Porschen Cakes.  When I was in London walking around with my Mom and sister we came to Elizebeth street, a beautiful street with lovely shops and cafes... and Peggy Porschen Cakes.  With an exceptional eye to the detail and perfection of a cake there are no average cupcake.  She is best known for wedding cakes and has a mock up William and Kate cake congratulating the couple, for a more appropriate treat these Sticky Toffee cakes looks divine!  

I love the cake mold lights!

Harolds - Food Hall

WOW!  THis place was amazing, little did i know that Harolds was like this.  The first time I went to London I thought I was a little airport shop that sold handbags and British memorabilia... little did I know!  We went to the Food Hall and all around there was chocolates and pastries, then meats and bread and veggies and h'ordeuvres.  It was brilliant.  You could have oysters at the bar, or an ice-cream sunday. You could have sushi and... Laduree!   Having been in the Laduree on the champs Elysee I felt that at that very moment I was in Paris again, walking around discovering things with my little bag of 2 macaroons.  Some things are worth the indulgence, good chocolate, small delicate pastries and a trip to Harolds Food Hall!  

for the love of Jaimie

After a couple days in England (first night in Hendon), we thought it would to really great to venture to Bath, where the romans came and build beautiful bath houses and where most Jane Austin movies are filmed... done! So  after the grand length drive and a mini stop to see the Queen at Windsor we made it to Bath.  Hungry and unaware of where and what to eat around the city we asked our concierge at the little hotel we had booked to recommend some places, he recommended Indian, Chinese, a small bistro with good soup ... and then Jamies Italy! Bingo!   So we fallowed his instructions to a T and found Jamies Italy!  It was great and just the ticket we needed after our adventure in our little coupe!  I should mention that before we were seated we had some Elderberry cocktails and a gingerbeer mimosa! 

Brusetta with marscapone, thyme and juicy tomatoes! 

iced olives with tapanade

Max had Ratatouille

Momsy had Truffle pasta 
.... I didn't take any pictures of the tiramisu... probably cause it was so good and I was to busy eating it haha

British Breaky

Recently Mom, Max and I went to Great Britain for the Royal wedding and to visit my cousins in Scotland.  On our very first day there we toured around the city and ended up at tower bridge were we were guided by signs that read all day breakfast where we came across this place.  here we have a traditional breakfast of egg, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and.... whatever is in the 'veggie sausage'.  I think Im more of a porridge kinda gal when it comes to breakfast but this was pretty tasty... however i might add that just before it was served the waiter said the chef cut his finger so he is just going to mend it up and your meal will be served in a bit....  tasty.  

Mason Jar Meals

Mason Jars are just the best thing! So versatile and retro chic.  Often I store my teas and spice blends in them or use one to hold my tooth brush and paste but this is a great way to 'shake' things up! Mason Jar Meals!  I came across this posting on the subject on the decorative cookie blog.  It was part of a Project Food Blog competition and this challenge was to make a meal that would travel well and still look good!  So clever and so going to do this avec my next picnic, which hopefully will be soon as the weather is saying lovely!