I stumbled upon this beautifully seductive cocktail on pinterest and thought how divine! I will take one, please. The Seductive Swan 1.5 oz Russian Standard Vodka 5 blackberries 3 oz Lemonade Muddle four blackberries in bottom of a tumbler. Add ice, Russian Standard Vodka and lemonade. Garnish with remaining blackberry. 


For our birthday this year Max and I celebrated with our family at the greatly anticipated L'Abattoir!  Being vegetarian i was a bit skeptical from the name but once i stepped inside I realized why everyone is talking about this place.  Located at 217 Carroll St along the restaurant block in gastown, L'Abattoir is sure to mark on your list of top restaurants to check out in the near near future!   Known for having wicked cocktail bar talent the drinks menu is beautiful!  I ordered a A Spot of Tea, which a mix of pimms, early grey and beefeater gin.  So great! The atmosphere was really lively, friendly servers and really the food speaks for itself!   It was a wonderful birthday enjoying a really great meal among my family!  I look forward to visiting it very soon!

and then of course we had to go for icecream at our favourite spot on Venables!


Great bottle label! 
Honey Mascapone icing with lemon pound cake and figs! heavan


Bam! Bam!  THis evenings dinner was not what i expected... I signed myself up for Japanese but this was above and beyond.  We went to a Japanese Steak house where they grill your food right in front of you and dance around the grill flipping and chopping and steaming and twirling knives!  Okay he didnt twirl the knife but he did have some mean skills this dude!  We ordered a series of dishes and watched our chef prepare it right in front of us.  It almost sounded like he was ringing bells as he'd hit down on the metal hot plate!  It was a really great vibe and seeing how we were celebrating our friend who is leaving for a bit to go travel and learn German is was all together awesome! ... however one small side note, the chef kept sliding me bits of meat on my plate when i got the vegetarian options and thought it was funny how sneaky he was being...but it was odd.


Last night i made some mean Miso soup!  It is such an easy, healthy thing to prepare... and it goes a little something like this.

In a pot of water, however much miso ya wonna make
Add some miso paste, some low sodium soy sauce, ginger and onion. simmer like a sinner
then chop up yo veggies. I did carrots, chinese and canadian broccoli, red cabbage, and jazzy mushrooms
Then i had some precooked rice that i placed in the bottom of the bowl and ladled the soupAH over it. 
Half a halibut cake on top and garnish with some green onions.  Really refreshing and tasty!  I would suggest lessening the load on the soy sauce, it should enhance the flavours... not be the flavour.  and always a rule of thumb, get local for as much as you possibly can!  

i scream!

shut the fuck up!  There is a school for ICECREAM?  I just discovered that Penn State University does a 9 day course on... none other then icecream creation!  DOne! It only happens once a year in January! I have discovered over the last little while a love i am developing/rekindling with what i visualize as summer time delight  but really lets be honest its a year round thing!  A few interesting vender ideas i have come across through blogs and what not but there are a couple that i am realling impressed by... and will make it a mission to venture to at some point this year.  To name a few...

Peoples Pops  - new york

Sweet Lucies  - LA
Big Gay  new york

they have weird flavors like Fais Gras and guinness Gingerbread!


Damn i love this city... for this single reason! Budgies Burritos!  Every time i hit up this stellar burrito joint just off kingsway in Van it reminds me that indeed we got it all in this place.  Mountains, ocean and burritos!  I went here last night for a dinner hang with my good friend and we both ordered the Johnny!  rice,beans, cheese, chipotle, sour cream, guac, salsa! So awesome!

Love shack, baby love shack!  I am in love with this place called Rockaway Taco!  Not that i've ever been there of course... seeing how its in Queens and until this morning when i was laying in my bed in Vancouver I discovered this new world just outside of Manhattan called rockaway.  Not only is it a surfers escape from the city like but it is home to this really awesome Taco stand.  The dude who owns the stand is this really interesting individual who is a surfer by heart and a hard worker who has built this seasonal place for the community to gather and enjoy great food and eat locally.  I think the idea i love most about this place is that it is built for the community and its purpose is to be somewhat of a gathering spot! The food lookes amazing, fresh jams, local produce, tacos to die for!  I discovered this place on The Selby. and one day i shall get on a plane again bound for new york and escape the relm for Queens!