Orangette came out with this amazing recipe! I have a feeling I will be making alot of these cookies this autumn.  How good do they look and sound!

Salted Peanut Butter Cookies
Adapted from Autumn Martin and Hot Cakes Confections

Hot Cakes Confections uses a brand of natural peanut butter called Aunt Patty’s, but I used Adams Natural Peanut Butter, which is what I keep at home. (Note that I buy the kind that needs to be stirred well before using, not the no-stir kind. And make sure not to accidentally buy the unsalted one. Hate it when that happens.)

For the milk chocolate, Hot Cakes uses Theo milk chocolate. I also love the milk chocolate made by Scharffen Berger. I’ve also tried Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips, which aren’t great, but they get the job done. Whichever you use, note that I call for a larger amount than the original recipe: it calls for about 115 grams (4 ounces) milk chocolate, but I like 170 grams (6 ounces).

Lastly, Autumn’s recipe was written in ounces, but I have converted it to grams and cups.

240 grams (2 cups plus 1 tsp.) pastry flour
5 grams (1 tsp.) baking soda
12 grams (1 Tbsp. plus 1 tsp.) kosher salt
275 grams (2 sticks plus 3.5 Tbsp.) unsalted butter, at room temperature
200 grams (about 1 ¼ cup, packed) dark brown sugar
170 grams (¾ cup plus 2.5 Tbsp.) sugar
2 large eggs
400 grams (1 ½ cup) natural salted creamy peanut butter
2 tsp. vanilla extract
170 grams chopped milk chocolate

Preheat the oven to 350°F, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a bowl, combine the pastry flour, baking soda, and salt, and whisk well.

In the bowl of a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter with the sugars until light and fluffy, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. (You can also do this by hand, with a sturdy spoon.) Add the eggs one at a time, beating between each addition. Add the peanut butter and vanilla, and beat on medium-low speed to blend. Add the dry ingredients in three batches, mixing on low speed until incorporated and scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. Add the chocolate, and beat briefly on low speed, just until evenly incorporated.

Using an ice cream scoop – mine has a capacity of about ¼ cup - scoop the batter onto the prepared sheet pan, taking care to leave plenty of space between cookies. (I limit it to six cookies per pan; if you add more, they run together.) Bake for 15 to 18 minutes, or until the cookies are puffed and pale golden around the edges, but their tops have no color. (The cookies will not look fully baked, and this is important! The chewy texture of these cookies depends on it. They’re not nearly as good when baked until golden and crisp.) Transfer the pan to a rack, and cool the cookies completely on the sheet pan. They will firm up as they cool. (Also, they taste better when fully cooled. Promise.)

Repeat with remaining dough.

Note: This dough freezes beautifully. Actually, I like the texture of these cookies best when they’re baked from frozen. Scoop the dough onto a sheet pan and freeze until hard; then transfer the dough mounds to a freezer bag or other airtight container. Do not defrost before baking, and plan to add four or five minutes to the baking time.


The Best Banana Bread

K! Here is the deal.  This here Banana Bread is hands down 'the' recipe you shall fallow when it comes to making a loaf such as this.   It was given to me by friend whose friend gave it to her as a family recipe and she made me promise to do one thing...share.  This should be enjoyed by friends, the recipe should be passed along and made when ever you find yourself with 4 bananas looking a bit beat.  Enjoy!

2 cups wholewheat flour
4 ripe bananas
3/4 mayonaisse 
1/2 brown sugar
2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 chocolate chips.

First add the smashed bananas in with the sugar, mayo and the dry ingredients and chocolate chips.  350 for 30 minutes.  SO GOOD!



Yes! I love Kale!  That leafy, lovely, healthy, bundle of green makes me smile.  It fills me up and feeds me with goodness.  You my friend are fresh and fine!  For breakfast I might just try you on toast with an egg! Thank you for being you and being so wonderful for me!

Over the weekend I went blueberry picking! So fun and cheap.  u-picks will be kicking in langley for a bit longer as the crops were all shaken up due to the weird summer weather patterns.  So lucky we get to pick for a bit longer in the september berry harvest! But what to make?  Obviously the norm would be to make a pie but.... confession Im not a pie person.  I am however into icecream, waffles, jams, and perhaps cornbread?!  Stay tuned to what I come up with!


Yes! I have found what a way to use the peaches I bought last week and look so perfect but... I highly daught that I will be able to seat them all by the end of this week.... and so voa la peach punch with bourbon! (check out the paper straws and mason jars)


I want to eat my computer screen when I look at this image.   Yum!  This week I am going to try to make my second attempt at truffles.  


Stay don't go!

On my way to work today I had a moment of panic when I looked up to the sky and saw grey.... I thought to myself does this means the end is near, is summer beginning to close its doors... but you just came!  I thought it mustn't be but perhaps as the last couple days of August approach why not toast the end of summer with a mint julep. How tasty and easy does this look?  Totally making myself one of these in the next couple days!

Salt and straw and i would order the salty caramel.... just saying.
If I had three days off I would hop on a train to Portland and have a feast! Here are a couple spots I would test out.  IMages from B is for Bonnie


Hornby Island

I am loving this month of August and as it begins to wrap up and September approaching I can't help grasp the least couple of weeks and wish for more summer!    A couple weeks ago I was invited up to Hornby Island with my neighbours and there kids.  The pace of the trip was slow and relaxed, we woke up went to the bakery and decided from there which beach to visit and the day would unfold from there.  It's hard to believe when you walk down the path and come to this amazing sandy beach that it's still BC.   Being on the island away from the hum and brightness of everything it was peaceful and needed.   One morning when the family had left I sat on a log with my feet in the sand and soaked it all in, the smell of the ocean, the breeze from the trees was all so magical.  I feel a spell has been cast upon me that will force me back to linger a little longer on Hornby Island.  Here are a couple shots from the CardBoard Bakerk

Something Hornby is known for is the weekend Farmers Market.  I was totally impressed with the talent this island has and I get the feeling its a place that you grow into a skill or trade.... something you become known for like the cake man, massage lady or chai guy (who i loved)! 

wakey wakey eggs n bakey

Im in love with the simplicity of breakfast.  A slice of toast with almond butter, eggs with fresh cracked pepper and course sea salt, a crisp crepe with a drizzle of maple syrup... breakfast is the best need i say more.  So the other day when my old pal Airbear came to visit from New Zealand I got to thinking about this breakfast business and this is what i came up with.  The best way really to start the day off right is turn the kettle on and make some eggs.  I used muffin trays to boil the eggs and added fresh herbs and some diced shallots.  place one egg with your desired... garlic + dill +salmon whatever.  Grease with a lil butter add 2 tbs of water into each tray and bake for 10mins (watch like a hawk!)  Poach baby Poach! I left them in the muffin tins for about 8 minutes.  And served it with crispy rosemary bread and fruit salad!  Tasty Morning!


Chocolate Chip cookies

Wow! I let this blog drift a bit but in the last month I have been exploring alot of things and finding a time to post has become replaced with job hunting, photo snapping and trying to say goodbye to the near and dear who are traveling, moving and venturing back east to school. So luckily I came across a post that read: The Only Chocolate Chip Cookie I Will Ever Need To Know How To Make For The Rest Of My Life!  And I just thought this should be on the blog.  I still need to test them out but after hearing how quickly the first batch disappeared I think its pretty safe to say these might be a keeper.



After a hard days work of setting up the shop, having a party and cleaning up... it was time for some NACHOS!  The only place to go, well its a close tie with the Naam is The Foundation.  Open till 2am this place is a brilliant for a feast of beans, cheese, chips, salsa and guac. Damn!  We all left feeling stuffed like burritos but a successful feeling after putting in lots of energy during the day.   just look at that!


Campagnolo Roma

This evening Andrea took me to the old Italian district of Vancouver along east hastings and victoria for dinner at the newly opened Campagnolo Roma, (where her fabulous boyfriend works).  We were wined and dined and left feeling inspired by the amazing meal we shared.  We started off with some Proscesco and toasted the beginning of a magical story told through food.  We ordered and shortly after we were lost in the twisted forks full of spaghetti and clams and the Biancoverde pizza covered in fresh arugula from a local bio-diverse garden.  In a state of bliss we thought only wise to finish off this lavish, decadent meal with the signature hands down best tiramisu I've ever had!  I was hands down thrilled by the service, food, atmosphere and the invite from Andrea.   If you are asked to go for dinner and are twiddling your thumbs deciding where to go... this is the place!


home grown - Rhubarb Icecream

When someone brings you a bundle of Rhubarb what do you make?  Pie, crumble, compote... ice-cream!  Being an ice-cream fiend I thought this was only logical.  It's fun to see how you can use these common local ingredients in a new fresh way... I may have been inspired by a certain icecream place with a couple interesting flavours.
 The last couple days the weather has been raining down hard but I am still optimistic that summer is here and so with grey cloud lumming over head I made rhubarb ice-cream.   If you have some stalks in your garden and an icecream maker make this and enjoy it inside as you look out on the rain or invite some friends over and have a summer picnic inside.  

In a sauce pan 
6 stalks cut up
1/2 cup sugar/or agave syrup
1tsp vanilla
1tsp lemon juice
1/2 water

let simmer till it gets sweet and the rhubarb gets soft and stringy
set aside and let cool this may be about 2 hrs.  

the rhubarb compote 
 (I did 1/2 light cream 1/2 skim milk)

Mix it all together and then it all to the ice-cream machine for 20minutes. ENjoy!
(It would also be fun to have some almond crumble to top it with.) 

Hey Frenchy!

With one egg left in the house I made Saturday morning French Toast.  Something I highly recommend when making such a breakfast is using stale bread, for some reason it always makes it taste way better and absorb the egg and milk like a sponge.  So to begin if you have no clue on how to make this I highly suggest you spend more time getting you know your kitchen.  For this is the easiest thing in the world to make.  I'll keep it short and sweat, the images will explain the process.  
In a bowl mix: egg+milk+splash of vanilla+ cinnamon 
(i had a brilliant idea after that some cardamon, ginger and cinnamon would taste brilliant mixed in).  This is your wet mixture.  All you gotta do now is let that bread take a bath in it and then they are ready to go. 

I am in love with berries so give me any excuse and I'll add them to the order. 

Canadian Maple Syrup is the best, none of that Aunt Jemima stuff.. but max would strongly disagree. 

oh you devil you

The other day Maxine and I went over to help Nanny with a couple little things she needed assistance with.  When we stopped for a lunch break  look what she made.  Known for her Devilled eggs I am always happy see them!  It's a very simple thing to do but in my mind I always think they will never be as good, so I wait for a patio lunch with her to have them.

Devilish eggs by Nanny:

dont boil violently... but place half a dozen in boiling water cook for 8-10mins
cool them and once cool then take yolks out sideways.

In a bowl mix:
yolks, salt and pepper
curry powder
miracle whip (traditional flavour)

Spoon the mixture into the egg whites and ta da
* parsley to garnish to make it look all fancy

listen up Buster

The other day my roommate and I were casually talking about how hot it was and I concluded that a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen would do the trick.... then she told me she had never been to Dairy Queen.  Never experienced a dipped cone, a buster bar, a blizzard.   I became sad with the thought of what kind of childhood she had having had no such treats.  So I thought the only way to fix this would be to introduce her to the place I went when I was little for Dilly Bars with Nanny.   The rest of the day was great hanging with her eating ice cream and hitting the park!


The Pop Cooperative has opened!  Yippee first week was a success can't wait to see what unfolds... its just for a month but it felt like a year of work putting it all together!  

another hats off to what kate ate. I literally drooled over how good this cake looks!  I shall make this next week for a friends birthday because a cake like this should be shared or else people like me will eat the whole thing!


iced coffee

It's summer and so it's time to switch to ice coffees!  here is how it should be done! YUM!


Happy Fathers Day

When it comes to our Dad Norbert he is hands down the best! So for brunch we had to choose Vancouver's best and so it was obvious Cafe Medina was were we were going.  Here is a place that takes brunch to a whole new level and a place where one must do two things; order a lavender mocha and try the belgian waffles!  Max was stellar and arrived early for the anticipated hour wait (totally worth it).  I am so lucky to have a great father like my Dad who I see as a mentor and a true idol in my eyes.  He is a someone who seeing the big picture and lives for the joy and the everyday happiness found in the simple things like good company, good adventures and good food like Cafe Medina!  Happy Fathers day!