Yes! I have found what a way to use the peaches I bought last week and look so perfect but... I highly daught that I will be able to seat them all by the end of this week.... and so voa la peach punch with bourbon! (check out the paper straws and mason jars)


I want to eat my computer screen when I look at this image.   Yum!  This week I am going to try to make my second attempt at truffles.  


Stay don't go!

On my way to work today I had a moment of panic when I looked up to the sky and saw grey.... I thought to myself does this means the end is near, is summer beginning to close its doors... but you just came!  I thought it mustn't be but perhaps as the last couple days of August approach why not toast the end of summer with a mint julep. How tasty and easy does this look?  Totally making myself one of these in the next couple days!

Salt and straw and i would order the salty caramel.... just saying.
If I had three days off I would hop on a train to Portland and have a feast! Here are a couple spots I would test out.  IMages from B is for Bonnie


Hornby Island

I am loving this month of August and as it begins to wrap up and September approaching I can't help grasp the least couple of weeks and wish for more summer!    A couple weeks ago I was invited up to Hornby Island with my neighbours and there kids.  The pace of the trip was slow and relaxed, we woke up went to the bakery and decided from there which beach to visit and the day would unfold from there.  It's hard to believe when you walk down the path and come to this amazing sandy beach that it's still BC.   Being on the island away from the hum and brightness of everything it was peaceful and needed.   One morning when the family had left I sat on a log with my feet in the sand and soaked it all in, the smell of the ocean, the breeze from the trees was all so magical.  I feel a spell has been cast upon me that will force me back to linger a little longer on Hornby Island.  Here are a couple shots from the CardBoard Bakerk

Something Hornby is known for is the weekend Farmers Market.  I was totally impressed with the talent this island has and I get the feeling its a place that you grow into a skill or trade.... something you become known for like the cake man, massage lady or chai guy (who i loved)! 

wakey wakey eggs n bakey

Im in love with the simplicity of breakfast.  A slice of toast with almond butter, eggs with fresh cracked pepper and course sea salt, a crisp crepe with a drizzle of maple syrup... breakfast is the best need i say more.  So the other day when my old pal Airbear came to visit from New Zealand I got to thinking about this breakfast business and this is what i came up with.  The best way really to start the day off right is turn the kettle on and make some eggs.  I used muffin trays to boil the eggs and added fresh herbs and some diced shallots.  place one egg with your desired... garlic + dill +salmon whatever.  Grease with a lil butter add 2 tbs of water into each tray and bake for 10mins (watch like a hawk!)  Poach baby Poach! I left them in the muffin tins for about 8 minutes.  And served it with crispy rosemary bread and fruit salad!  Tasty Morning!


Chocolate Chip cookies

Wow! I let this blog drift a bit but in the last month I have been exploring alot of things and finding a time to post has become replaced with job hunting, photo snapping and trying to say goodbye to the near and dear who are traveling, moving and venturing back east to school. So luckily I came across a post that read: The Only Chocolate Chip Cookie I Will Ever Need To Know How To Make For The Rest Of My Life!  And I just thought this should be on the blog.  I still need to test them out but after hearing how quickly the first batch disappeared I think its pretty safe to say these might be a keeper.



After a hard days work of setting up the shop, having a party and cleaning up... it was time for some NACHOS!  The only place to go, well its a close tie with the Naam is The Foundation.  Open till 2am this place is a brilliant for a feast of beans, cheese, chips, salsa and guac. Damn!  We all left feeling stuffed like burritos but a successful feeling after putting in lots of energy during the day.   just look at that!