Last night I went to one of my favourite restaurants in the city called Chambar.  And as always the service and meal was superb.   At the moment Vancouver is in the midst of dine-out and so I was a bit nervous about getting a table but lucky for us they opened Cafe Medina next door to accommodate (this is my second fav spot for brunch).  I went with my foodie friend from new york who I knew would love it.  Something about the atmosphere in the space with the lights and candles always makes the Chambar dining experience just that much better then other spots in Vancouver.  But back to the food.  For starters I love beets so I ordered the beet and fennel with pomegranate and sheeps feta salad and Korey had the roasted celeriac and morel soup which was presented in a beautiful fashion with the server pouring the soup at the table over a bowl of apples, watercress and lingonberries. Next up... Mussels (the main reason I am so in love with Chambar) with tomato and coconut YUM! And if I am correct the other dish was Arctic Char.  For desert I went right for the ice-cream and Chocolate Salted chocolate caramel bar and when it was presented the icecream was quickly melting so I did what any sain person would do and quickly ate it up!  The other desert was  Lemon curd, toasted meringue, and thyme scented shortbread.   A perfect meal yet again at Chambar!  Muah!

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