Alright the chocolate craving has hit me again!  I go for months with no urge and then like a lightning bullet it hits me and I need a bite of a 70% dark of goodness!  I've gotten to know myself pretty well by this point and so I know to stock up incase this happens... but this time my mind slipped and nowhere in the house was choclate not even a chip to be found! (we used them for poker night last week).   So 30mins later I found myself down aisle 3 in Wholefoods glazed over in from of a wall of Chocolate.   Somehow the one chocolate bar I came in for turned into 4 marvellous crafted bars of bliss!  I'm a sucker for really good quality chocolate it's one of the things I splurge on.  And with Valentines day approaching I'm sending out a little hint that anyone can win me over with Valrhona!

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